I found a source for the full text of the new NYS weapons and magazine ban; which is an
extension of, and amendment to NY’s Kendra’s Law. It’s quite enough to make one sick.
Just the first paragraph of the rambling, wordy Memo section trips the perimeter flares.
Charlie’s in the wire!

An act to amend the criminal procedure law, the correction law, the
family court act, the executive law, the general business law, the
judiciary law, the mental hygiene law, the penal law and the
surrogate’s court procedure act, in relation to suspension and
revocation of firearms licenses; private sale or disposal of firearms,
rifles or shotguns and establishing a minimum age to possess a
firearm; to amend the family court act, the domestic relations law and
the criminal procedure law, in relation to providing for the mandatory
suspension or revocation of the firearms license of a person against
whom an order of protection or a temporary order of protection has
been issued under certain circumstances, or upon violation of any such
order; to amend the penal law, in relation to community guns and the
criminal sale of a firearm and in relation to the definitions of
aggravated and first degree murder; to amend chapter 408 of the laws
of 1999 constituting Kendra’s Law, in relation to extending the
expiration thereof; and to amend the education law, in relation to the
New York state school safety improvement teams; and in relation to
building aid for metal detectors and safety devices

(Emphasis mine)
That’s a whole heap of amending. The Memo section blathers on, and on, and on. Chock full of
Progressivist buzzwords and catchphrases, is enough to understand the sweeping scope of this
bill, and know it’s about more than ‘gun control’.

Basic upshot is: Mags limited to seven rounds. All semi-autos subjected to a ‘one feature’
military-type accessory test. All semi-autos must be registered. All mental health and child
welfare and family court operatives required to report to State.

But there’s more, much more. Ammo, storage, transportation, far too lengthy to go into here.
Go read the Bill, if you have the fortitude. It is the most draconian piece of legislation I have
ever read. It’s natural consequence is that the Second Amendment is dead in New York State.

The insuing consequence of that is that I will never set foot in the State of New York again.
Nor, for that matter, should anyone else!


If you live there, leave. If you don’t; never go there.

In reading further, this piece of legislation takes effect immediately!
What? WHAT? All the law I’ve ever read had a ‘grace period’ of six months or more, before taking effect.
This is necessary to make time for the law to be disseminated to the populace, and for them to
become aware of it, and know it. Immediate effect of this vile instrument of tyranny makes it
only too plain that it’s drafters intend for the citizenry to be in violation from the moment
it is passed.
What greater signal of Statist crushing of the masses can there be?

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