My worst fears are vindicated. From NBC News: Metal water bottles can endanger kids

“A lot of us buy metal water bottles for our kids. But we found these metal bottles are causing a new problem: kids getting their tongues stuck inside. It may sound like a joke, but doctors say it’s serious — so serious, one company has stopped selling many of them.”

Mary Kate Person got her tongue trapped inside a metal water bottle, the kind kids use every day. “I put my tongue in to get the last drops, and it just got stuck, like completely jammed into the bottle,” she said.

It wouldn’t budge. Medics rushed her to the ER, where doctors cut off the bottom of the bottle — but her swollen tongue was still trapped by the narrow opening at the top.

Mary Kate’s father, Andy Person, said: “The doctors said the two worst-case scenarios were: one, it could block her airway and she could suffocate, and two, her tongue would die, basically — she wouldn’t be able to speak anymore, she would lose her tongue.”

It’s time we got together and finally have a national conversation about ways to end this reoccurring tragedy. No excuses of half measures, it’s for the children!

  1. She was lucky to survive, every year water takes the lives of countless children as well as adults. This is no time for half measure Congress must make it illegal to use or possess water in any form, If Congress is unwilling then the President must act. If it saves the life of one child it will be justified.

  2. I firmly agree! The threat of Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) must be removed, it’s for the Childrrrennnn!

  3. Umm….for two cents worth…why not just engineer the opening:
    A. Wide enough a person’s tongue can’t get stuck in it.
    B. Narrow enough a tongue can’t get into it in the first place.
    Or are these options too simple and original ?
    Never had this problem with the old-fashioned canteens we had as kids.
    But that was back in the stone age, so what would an old fart know?