First a look at the current weather for Saratov city
-5°C (23°F)
Preassure: 737 mm
Wind: , 7 m/s; Humidity: 62%
Updated 09.01 13:20

Management rules in the ice reminded auto rescue
In ice accepted to apply engine braking without turning off the ignition and transmission. This should be done:
a) discard the fuel supply without turning off the clutch,
b) squeeze the clutch, including a lower gear,
c) reconnecting the clutch.

Will be available on the brand with cartoon characters
In the Saratov branch of mail received stamps depicting heroes of cartoons.

Digest of events
Will not list all the fiery accident, mention only two of them:
A fire in the store fireworks blew 4 life
A student was killed in a fire in Engels, 242 people evacuated

Winter footwear for auto consolidate law
Fare system to automate transportation
Almost 30 km of roads in the region have made
The penalties for driving while intoxicated tighten
Trucks will not be allowed into the city center

Recipe of the Week: Buckwheat Surprise
Sometimes the body needs something to lean, and then if you turn the imagination, you can even cook buckwheat usual unusual way.

We will need: unground buckwheat, 20 grams of white dried mushrooms, leeks 1 stalk, salt, herbs, oil for frying.

So, boil in salted water until cooked buckwheat. We need it crumbly buckwheat. Until cooked grits, soaked dry white (or what is available) in boiling water for 10 minutes.

Pan fry the leeks, add the sliced ​​mushrooms and add cooked buckwheat.
Warms a few minutes, stirring all the ingredients shared flavors and taste.

When applying you can decorate with greens or salad.

Committee: At the weekend there will be more in the air pollutants
Adverse weather conditions are expected in the Saratov region on the weekend.

Investigators found the ammunition depot in the holidays

In one of the villages in the Saratov region of FSB officers and MOI discovered an ammunition dump.

Why do people travel
In the past, travel to some extent were pragmatic. People discovered new lands for their powers, trading routes, finding new products and established diplomatic ties. Today, perhaps, the planet remains very few such places, where at least once not gone before. We not only “heritage” around “the ball”, but shot the entire surface of the satellite. In the Internet age, a person can learn how to look like long distance, look at pictures or videos, and even a virtual tour to other cities with panoramic services.

So what still attracts modern human journey? What leads us to exchange the cozy sofa, your favorite slippers and a familiar courtyard outside the hundreds, and even thousands of kilometers? Say at once, traveling in style all inclusive in the text of the reflections are not included. In this case, the person is not much sacrifice, and sometimes even gains in comfort compared to home.

And that was the Week in Saratov

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