This Week in Saratov it was more of the same.

Traffic police extorted bribes from the wife of State Duma deputy

As it turned out, foreign cars “Hyundai Solaris”, the guard stopped traffic order managed wife State Duma deputy Vasily Maximov Ludmila Maximova.

In Saratov without water because of the accident were almost 37 thousand people

Shutdown affected more than three and a half thousand houses and a 23-social objects. In the near future may stop the water supply in other parts of the city. Emergency crew tries to recover the equipment and found the damaged pipeline.

Thieves removed wheels “Frets Grants” in front of the hostess

In the Leninsky district of Saratov arrested two kidnappers car wheels. As the press service of the MOI of late night intruders, ignoring the cries, noticed their mistress “Frets Grants”, continued as if nothing had happened, unscrew bolts with wheels.

In Saratov, in koumiss clearing trees hung with animal skull

Cut trees on the border of the nature park “koumiss Polyana”. The ax fell valuable hardwood – oak and linden.

Suspect in theft of 710 railroad spikes

Stolen plates 137 and 710 railroad spikes. The young man was taking them to a collection point of black metal. Clarifies that the young man had not been tried. Stolen withdrawn is checking.

Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7

To date, Internet Explorer is the second most popular among browsers – according to the company StatCounter, with a market share of 32.08 percent. First place in the world takes Chrome with the index 34.77 percent.

Israel launched a large-scale operation in the Gaza Strip

In a statement issued on behalf of the armed wing of Hamas, said that Israel had “opened the gates of hell.” In turn, Israel’s army spokesman assured that the killing of al-Jabari – this is not the end of the operation, and will be followed by more attacks.

The wave of mass strikes and demonstrations swept across Europe

The initiator of the protests was the European Trade Union Confederation. Thus one of the most massive demonstrations took place on Wednesday in Madrid. It passed as part of a general strike in Spain. At 16.30 local time in Madrid, protesters clashed with police.

Nearly 30 police officers injured in riots in Italy

During the protests in Turin, where disgruntled people seized government buildings, a police officer injured. Two law enforcement officers were injured in Padua. Already have been arrested – they were a few people in Brescia, RIA Novosti reported.

The European Union approved a package of financial aid to Egypt in the amount of 5 billion euros

Egypt for several months in talks with international lenders to grant aid package of $ 4.8 billion, but signed with the IMF memorandum of understanding is expected only in the week.

Cable fault location space communication has not been found

Tonight it was announced that Russia can not control their civil space satellites and give commands to the Russian segment of the ISS. The reason – the gap in the cable Shchelkovo highway near Moscow.

American promises to resurrect dinosaurs in 5 years

Horner admits that the new name of the beast dinosaur unlikely to be. ‘That is to say,’ kurozavr ‘or’ dinokur ‘as you like. But his physical traits will largely for what was characterized by dinosaurs. ”

Thai customs officials rescued 600 cobras from processing into tablets

It is assumed that the cobra could be used to make drugs from male sexual dysfunction, reports RIA “Novosti”. To catch smugglers, customs officers found on the main roads, going from south to north of Thailand, observation posts.

The largest Indonesian city are covered with water

Semarang and Bandung “sink” at a rate of 6-7 and 5 centimeters per year. The situation is similar in other major cities in Indonesia, particularly in the capitals of the provinces of North Sumatra and East Java Medan and Surabaya.

Sociologists claim that Russia has said goodbye to poverty

As proof of the well-being of the Russian population is the fact that almost half of households have pets, food which spend an average of $ 1.5 per day (calculated sociologists). For comparison indicates that U.S. citizens on their pets spend $ 0.5.

And that was the Week in Saratov.

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