The soldiers best friend, following doggedly in his footsteps and carrying up to 400 lbs of badly needed supplies and munitions, this upgraded version of the Army’s heavyweight hound is getting close to full scale production.

Able to respond to whistles and hand signals the stealthy Legged, Long-range, Logistic System, (L3S) sounds to an adversary much like the the gentle hum of mosquitoes circling a chainsaw. The long ranging (20 miles on a tank of fuel) beast of burden is proving its mettle in the field.

[flashvideo file=http://www.olddog.name/Video/Darpa_Dog.flv width=512 height=318 image=/Video/Darpa_Dog.jpg volume="60" stretching="fill" repeat="none" /]

Army spokespersons say the Darpa Dog is set to revolutionize infantry warfare with an effect not seen since the introduction of the folding camp shovel or the M1 Carbine.

For more details: see this at Wired.

  1. Think I’d rather have a mule This thing will just be an excuse to load the poor grunt up with a couple hundred pounds of stuff he would rathor leave behind.

    I took a beating over the whole exo-skeletin thing a few years back, I’m not impressed with this at all.