John Carter is Almost Here

In just five more weeks the John Carter Movie will be in theaters. Here is the most recent trailer. I hope it does well and hangs around long enough that winter is over and I can make the trek into town to watch it.

[flashvideo file=http://www.olddog.name/Video/John_Carter_Mar9.flv width=576 height=270 image=/Video/John_Carter_Mar9.jpg volume="60" stretching="fill" repeat="none" /]

Here is a link to a PJ Media article that goes into detail on how the movie came to be made. John Carter’s Long Road from the Civil War to the Silver Screen

Only a few scenes we haven’t seen before. Type John Carter into the search box to find longer clips and additional material.

  1. I’m crossing my fingers. I’ts hard to forget that in Hollywood $250 million can buy a lot of crap.