Toll in Alien Fish Kill Rises


“Ten of thousands of dead fish have washed ashore in Norway. The reason: aliens.”

“WWN once again turned experts at the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials. Dr. Susan Begley spoke to WWN last night.”

“This is a similar event that happened last New Year, but it seems have escalated. Last New Year, dead blackbirds dropped from the sky in Arkansas and dead herring came ashore in Norway, the pattern was repeated this year – only the numbers are far greater.”

Dr. Begley said that the U.N. has concluded that the herring (and the blackbirds) were killed by aliens from Planet Gootan. “There are two alien species that have been inhabiting the earth in the last fourteen months. The Zeebans are peaceful and docile beings here to help humans, and the Gootans are here to attack us. The dead herring appear to be the work of the Gootans – they are sending another warning to citizens of earth.”

WWN — Covering the stories that others won’t print.

  1. Amazing that Weekly World News gets all the big scoops