One nice thing about trash e-mail is that once in a while, a nugget of gold drops into the in-box. This came to me from a friend, and I liked the content, but smelled a rat in the backstory. Nothing new about that. So, being of a suspicious nature, some research was in order. A quick snoop on the debunking site Snopes found an answer. The attribution in the backstory was, of course, bunk. But the main body wasn’t. Snopes provided links to the original Author, who is radio talk show host Dennis Prager. It was originally published on Tuesday, July 13, 2010. The main body of the speech is reproduced below the fold. I hope that with the given proper attribution, Mr. Prager will forgive the admitted blatant plagiarism.

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Mr. Prager should you have any beef with this content my e-mail is on the sidebar, until that time I consider this to be so good it is going to stay

Old Dog!



Actually I have the numbers, yes numbers.  They are the Project Numbers for the two MAJOR projects going on at my PCP these days.

My time has been split between running the Tech Control Desk for one of the projects and a third un-named project!  The third one is ensuring that we live with the Confidentially Agreements in both contracts.  Holy Shit did I learn how hard that crap is!

It seems we are working for two MAJOR outfits that just happen to be direct competitors in the retail marketplace.  Guess how tight the controls on cross contamination of data has to be!!!

Now did my Boss think of that beforehand?  Of course the HELL NOT!

When I got to reading the various terms of the two contracts I almost shit my pants!

Our crap could not meet those standards.  The only way I could come up with worked my ass off.

I had to split our corporate network into two networks; one Windows based and one Linux based!

Now guess how many people in the company really know Linux?  Yeah, you guessed it me!

After a solid week I now have them split and EVERYONE who has to touch both are on dual boot machines.  Maybe I can get some sleep now.

One thing I know is that we will not face a contract violation!