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Some of these I have been saving for a while. All are interesting and news you can use.

24/192 Music Downloads…and why they make no sense
How to Build a Laser Death Ray
Moore’s Law Lives Another Day
Dept. of Agriculture Gives $235 Million Loan to Ethanol Company
Portage County UFO chase
Hide From Google
A New Perspective on Hubble Images


One nice thing about trash e-mail is that once in a while, a nugget of gold drops into the in-box. This came to me from a friend, and I liked the content, but smelled a rat in the backstory. Nothing new about that. So, being of a suspicious nature, some research was in order. A quick snoop on the debunking site Snopes found an answer. The attribution in the backstory was, of course, bunk. But the main body wasn’t. Snopes provided links to the original Author, who is radio talk show host Dennis Prager. It was originally published on Tuesday, July 13, 2010. The main body of the speech is reproduced below the fold. I hope that with the given proper attribution, Mr. Prager will forgive the admitted blatant plagiarism.

Administrator Update:

Mr. Prager should you have any beef with this content my e-mail is on the sidebar, until that time I consider this to be so good it is going to stay

Old Dog!



Actually I have the numbers, yes numbers.  They are the Project Numbers for the two MAJOR projects going on at my PCP these days.

My time has been split between running the Tech Control Desk for one of the projects and a third un-named project!  The third one is ensuring that we live with the Confidentially Agreements in both contracts.  Holy Shit did I learn how hard that crap is!

It seems we are working for two MAJOR outfits that just happen to be direct competitors in the retail marketplace.  Guess how tight the controls on cross contamination of data has to be!!!

Now did my Boss think of that beforehand?  Of course the HELL NOT!

When I got to reading the various terms of the two contracts I almost shit my pants!

Our crap could not meet those standards.  The only way I could come up with worked my ass off.

I had to split our corporate network into two networks; one Windows based and one Linux based!

Now guess how many people in the company really know Linux?  Yeah, you guessed it me!

After a solid week I now have them split and EVERYONE who has to touch both are on dual boot machines.  Maybe I can get some sleep now.

One thing I know is that we will not face a contract violation!



A Day at the Beach

The Beach at AuTrain Bay

Summer at Last

This was a couple of days ago, the last Thursday in April. There was a dusting of snow in the morning but by early afternoon it had warmed up to almost 40, the snow melted off, and the sky was ever so clear.

Looked like a good day to check out the boat launch. But on the way I stopped off at the public beach to check out the action there and to see how crowded it was. Not so much. The wind was up but not quite enough wave action for surfing.

Another month and we might get some green in the grass and even have a few leaves on the trees. The pines are looking good though. I went down to the boat launch and took a few more shots. No, not that kind, but it was cold enough I wished that I had some of the hard stuff with me.

I was going to shoot some video but couldn’t figure how to make the camera do that and am fairly certain I could have gotten sharper pictures if I knew what I was doing. I am now forced to read the instructions one more time. Don’t you hate it when that happens?


I posted the final chapter of the Cardoman Universe novel ‘Marjoram’ today at the FutureVerse and will start posting here again much more often. One a day in the month of May is my new slogan.


The Week in Saratov 04/25/12

This Week in Saratov there was much exciting news from the world of science.

Saratov region: the accident at the pipeline impact on ecology

Today at 12:00 Moscow time on Fedorovskoye district of Saratov region on 1259 km of pipeline looping “CAC II-II» Mokrousskogo Linepipe Operation Center LLC “Gazprom transgaz Saratov” was the destruction of a gas pipeline emergency.

At Balakovo NPP power unit is turned off due to faults

The third unit of the Balakovo nuclear power plant cut off on Tuesday evening, April 24. As explained specialists in 19.18 at Unit discovered a fault in the electrical equipment.

Irish Volgatrader considering building a pig farm in Saratov region

OOO “Volga-European communication,” in partnership with Volgatrader (UK) are considering the possibility of placing in the Saratov region pig-breeding complex for 125 thousand units, according to the website of the regional government.

In Saratov, they brought the Virgin particle belts

April 25 at Protection Church in Saratov Reliquary delivered with a particle of the Blessed Virgin Mary Belt Church of the Holy Prophet Elijah (Elias everyday), Moscow. In a temple in honor of the Protection of the Mother of God holy and meet Metropolitan Saratov Wolski Longinus.

Scientists from Oxford was named co-author of Shakespeare

Scientists from Oxford University have concluded that William Shakespeare probably wrote the play “All’s well that ends well,” co-written with Thomas Middleton. Exploring Dictionary play style, rhymes and grammatical construction of sentences, the researchers concluded that significant differences from other Shakespeare plays, said that in this play, he was co-author

In the Kyrgyz capital for debt turned off gas to the Eternal Flame

Gas supply of the memorial “Eternal Flame” in the capital of Kyrgyzstan suspended. As deputy director general of JSC “Kyrgyzgaz” Eugene Orlenko, the supply of gas discontinued because of the outstanding indebtedness of the city government to the enterprise.

In Brazil, announced the epidemic of dengue

At the end of last year in Rio de Janeiro was recorded increase in the number of cases of dengue fever. However, since the beginning of this year, the number of patients has increased rapidly, and the government has officially declared an epidemic of dengue.

In the case of a spill in the Gulf of arrested a former engineer of BP

U.S. authorities made the first arrest in the case of oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico, which occurred two years ago and led to the largest environmental disaster in the history of the country. As reported today, U.S. Department of Justice, was arrested a former engineer at BP’s 50-year-old Kurt Meeks, who lives in the U.S. city of Katy, TX.

On board the ISS found dangerous bacteria

The International Space Station discovered the dangerous germs that can cause equipment failure the ISS. This is a Monday, April 23 the vice-president of Academy of Sciences, Anatoly Grigoryev.

Participants in the experiment “Mars-500″ ate nearly 6.5 tons of food

The subjects of “Mars-500″ showed such a high level of efficiency and resilience to stress that the “flight” could not go on 520 and even 700 days, the director of the Institute of Biomedical Problems, RAS, Igor Ushakov.

Dolby will make “horror” even worse

The company Dolby Laboratories announced the creation of ultra-realistic sound transmission technologies Atmos. In contrast to the current speaker systems in movie theaters to ensure the sound from several directions, Atmos can “direct” sound almost anywhere in the auditorium.

The rubber chicken was sent into the stratosphere

Students sent to the California school dressed in a knitted sweater Camilla into the stratosphere to study the effects of storms on the sun, which occurred in March. Rubber Chicken “take with” the sky a few insects and sunflower seeds to irradiate them and then return to Earth for further work.

And that was the Week in Saratov.


Sky King: “Is a 1940s and 1950s American radio and television adventure series. The title character is Arizona rancher and aircraft pilot Schuyler “Sky” King. The series was likely based on a true-life personality of the 1930s…”

“Like most television cowboy heroes of the time, Sky never killed the villains, even though one episode had him shooting a machine gun into his own stolen plane.”

[flashvideo file=http://www.olddog.name/Video/SkyKing_Nabisco.flv width=480 height=390 image=/Video/SkyKing_Nabisco.jpg volume="60" stretching="fill" repeat="none" /]

“The television version stars Kirby Grant as Sky King and Gloria Winters as Penny. Other regular characters included his nephew Clipper, played by Ron Hagerthy, and Mitch the sheriff, portrayed by Ewing Mitchell…”

“Though plot lines were often simplistic, Grant was able to bring a casual, natural treatment of technical details which led to a level of believability not found in other television series involving aviation or life in the American West. Likewise, villains and other characters were usually shown as intelligent and believable, rather than as two-dimensional. The writing was generally well above the standard for contemporary half-hour programs, though sometimes the acting was not.”

That’s how I remember it. Should I pity those who look back to their youth and the glory of the Brady Bunch?


He paced the quarter-deck, a thunder-cloud on his brow. His Lieutenants were sweating under their woolen coats, in spite of the warm breeze. The Midshipmen had disappeared below.

Finally, he came to a decision, and turned to his First Mate.
“All hands on deck!” He snapped, and in the same instant turned to the Marine Captain of the Guards. “Drum them up, damn you!”

The orders went down the line. The drums rolled ‘assembly’, and the b’son’s whistles skirrled.

He paid no attention to the formalities.

“Crew assembled on deck, Sir!”

“Thank you, Mr. Higgenbotham.”

He strode to the rail, and looked out over the assemblage.
Scowling like a dark angel, sent to deal divine retribution.

Finally, he spoke.

“You worthless, wastrel layabouts have tried my patience too long.”

There was a silent exhalation across the whole ship.

“I want the key to the keelson locker on my desk before six bells tomorrow, or by god, you will all be on watch-and-watch for the rest of your careers!”

With that he stumped down the poop-deck ladder, and disappeared down the companionway to his great-cabin. As he eased the door shut, he heard the whole ship’s company rise in a roaring, riotous shout of laughter. It was good to hear.

That should keep them occupied for a while, he grimly thought. The trouble with blockade duty was monotony. By now the crew had gotten used to his games, and looked forward to them. As did he himself. He delighted in the clever ways bored seaman could solve the impossible tasks he created for them, as they themselves did.

He strode across the great cabin to the great Stearn-windows, and opened them wide. He looked out on the foaming trail of his ship. Being alone, he smiled; because that was the only time he could.



Just thought I’d stop in, and say “Howdy”.
I realize I’ve been AWOL around here for a while. There’s reasons for that.
One, my Muse shit in my head, and then flew out the window.
Two, it’s spring, and there’s heaps of work to be done in garden, yard, and land, et all.
Third, my gorge rose at this black box on the table, and repudiated it for a while. I haven’t turned this thing on in three days. Sorta curl my lip at it when I walk by.
Hope all is well with y’uns out there in innertubes land.
PrimEvil over, and out.
nd trns


One to Go

Chapter 25 of Marjoram is now posted at the FutureVerse, that means with one more chapter, and in another week, the book is complete.

When the Old Dog looked at the last chapter, the one before this one, he told me I should have called for “Ramming Speed” when I crashed the Ryman Spaceship Lying Bastard into the Caliphate space station. He has a point.

Maybe in the re-write. For now though go over and take a look, knowing that next week should bring the story to an end.


The Week In Saratov 04/18/04

Welcome to the Week in Saratov.

The deputy fired a shotgun at people and machines

A criminal case against the deputy district assembly Krasnoarmeyskiy Saratov region of “hooliganism committed by a group of persons by prior conspiracy.” According to investigators, in April 2012 on the Volga River pier in the village of Ahmad Krasnoarmeyskiy district deputy, together with other people, whose identity has not yet established, fired several shots from a carbine

“Seven” rammed the fence near the Rotunda

“Lada” at full speed and just typed into a concrete barrier near the “Rotunda.” The driver of “Seven” went down by grandmother vzvoz, violating the rules and entered under the “bricks”.

Saratovets saved her neighbor, pensioner from a burning apartment

Yesterday in the Zavodsky district of Saratov resident of nine homes on the street. Chernyshevsky Sergei Bugaev rescued 83-year-old woman on fire. As described in the press service of the regional State Emergency, fire occurred at about 17.30 in a studio apartment on the fourth floor, where lived an old woman.

Breivik broadcast readings would watch every three Norwegian

Accused of terrorism Anders Breivik on trial in Oslo, Norway, called the “prison” and demanded to justify it. Anders Breivik charged that on 22 July last year gave an explosion in the government district of Oslo, which killed eight people and shooting at a youth camp, a working party on the island Utey Norway, killing 69 people.

The rich also cry: the billionaire Buffett diagnosed with prostate cancer

One of the richest people in the world today, Warren Buffett admitted that doctors diagnosed him with prostate cancer early stage. However, the 81-year-old founder and leader of a major investment company Berkshire Hathaway is not going to leave the post of Chairman of the Board.

USA: “Boko Haram” is planning an attack on the capital of Nigeria

U.S. warn Westerners that the radical Islamist sect, the Nigerian “Boko Haram” is planning an attack on the capital of Nigeria – Abuja. It is reported by Reuters on Wednesday the 18th of April.

Obama will not lay off the head of the Secret Service because of the prostitutes

U.S. President Barack Obama said the incident with the staff of the Secret Service, overshadowing his participation in the Summit of the Americas in Colombia, will be thoroughly investigated and the guilty punished. “I’ll be very angry if the reports of these events are confirmed,” – said the head of state on Sunday at the concluding press – conference in Cartagena, refrained from detailed comment on the scandal.

Greenpeace has accused Apple, Amazon and Microsoft in the “cloud contamination”

The international environmental organization Greenpeace has accused the world’s largest IT-company Apple, Microsoft and Amazon in the use of so-called “dirty” energy to the work of their own “cloud” services, according to a report on the website Greenpeace.

Federal Space Agency intends to repeat the project “Phobos-Grunt”

Federal Space Agency supported the project scientists to repeat the interplanetary station “Phobos-Grunt”, the first attempt the realization of which was completed in early 2012 failed.

Rocket Science: In the U.S. state of Tennessee adopted a “monkey law”

In the U.S. state of Tennessee adopted a “monkey law” that permits the teaching in public schools, anti-evolutionary theories. State of Tennessee “famous” settling theories, alternative research, in 1925, during the so-called “monkey trial” in which a schoolteacher was held by John Scopes.

Dinosaurs became extinct because of competition of small lizards and baby giants

Presented an unusual theory, scientists from the University of Zurich – they believe that dinosaurs became extinct because of a small dinosaur-cubs had to compete with older individuals of the same size.

First private spacecraft will fly to the ISS on April 30

The first test flight to the International Space Station (ISS), a private ship-capsule “Dragon” (Dragon SpaceX) tentatively scheduled for April 30. This was confirmed April 16 the representatives of NASA, who participated in a press conference on the upcoming launch.

And that was the Week in Saratov.


Tom Corbett — Space Cadet

Another for the nostalgia files and iff you remember this one you’re older than I am with a much better memory. Still I’ve read enough about it over the years I can almost remember watching.

[flashvideo file=http://www.olddog.name/Video/TomCorbett.flv width=470 height=330 image=/Video/TomCorbett.jpg volume="60" stretching="fill" repeat="none" /]

For more from the Wiki go here.


Another Adoption

Crippers. The strays of life just keep coming, and coming, and coming; and I can’t say no. I was living the nice retired life, with minimal responsibilities. Then the manure hit the turbine.
First, a nephew needed a place to stay. Then, he just had to rescue a cat from a past girl friend. That’s two.
Then, this pretty little calico kitty showed up in January.
Jeeebus, ain’t that enough? Apparently not. My Earthly Fate intercedes.
An old friend called me last week. Said his neighbor was making a move, and had a breeding pair of Ringneck Pheasants he could not relocate, and was looking for a new home for them.
Ok, RINGNECKS!!. The question asked was basically, “Do you have a place for them?”. The guy is moving in three days. Ok, the adoptive psycho claxxon sounds.
The mind swirls, and no, not immediately, but provisions can be made. This old farm-stead has a number of old out-buildings, but none set up for fowl. Dammit!! What to do? Ahhhh….the old corn-crib. Still on the phone, the answer is made. “Sure, I can find a place for them.”


And so it starts again. The strays just keep coming. Stray dogs, stray cats, stray kids, sometimes stray women. Now it’s stray birds.
“Laawzee, Maasuu, where does yew find ‘em, and why does you sends em allz to me?”
The silent answer: “Why not you”?
Yeah, why not.
This could be a test.


The 700,000

How’s that for a post title? Some just need to be written, and this is one one of them.

I finished another chapter of Marjoram today leaving only two more before the latest, and I hope greatest, Cardoman novel is finished. It was fiction writing on the Colony Alchibah site, Jeff Soyer of Alphecca’s blog novel, that got the Old Dog and me together and got the FutureVerse, Never so Few, and then the Old Dog site up on the web. Today I went over 700,000 words total for Cardoman in the process. Two chapters, 10,000 words finishes the book.

Writing in short spurts can be, and is, fun—but when you have a novel to finish, one that takes months, and a self imposed deadline it is also a lot of work. And most of that it is a very solitary occupation, as far from fun as you would care to experience. So what keeps one going?

In my case it is self imposed deadlines and way points, The Old One says I am anal about this; I just say I do what I do cause it works. I count chapters and I count words. I just went over the 700,000 word mark in the Cardoman Universe, hence the title of this post. That semi-fictional realm started while Colony Alchibah was in a slow down. The first book finished before, and the series continued after the Alchibah story-line ended. Now book six is almost complete.

Come the end of April the sixth Cardoman novel will be done. So what happens next? What do I write?

For one thing I will be putting up more posts here at the Old Dog, but there will be other news. And you will need to keep returning to find out what. But never fear, it will be worth it.


The Week in Saratov 04/11/04

This week we try something different and put out an Evening Edition of the Week in Saratov.

Saratov Governor fired six more ministers

Resolution of the governor of the Saratov region Valery Radaeva from the post of Minister of the Saratov Oblast – Chairman of the Committee on Youth Policy, Cultural Heritage and Tourism Saratov region Parfenov released Stepan.

Investigators are trying to find out why the residents were left without water Balashov

Due to flooding problems with the provision of drinking water to residents of Balashov, Saratov region, located on the shores of Khoper. In the rise of the river water did not exceed the critical level, but as it is already in the past few years, the quality of water during the flood has worsened.

Near Covered Market liquidated underground casino

Saratov police dismantled the underground hall of slot machines, is located near the covered market, the Press Service of the Ministry of Interior in the Saratov region. Facility located on the second floor of house number 65 on the street, Sacco and Vanzetti.

Women who become pregnant from a teenager, gave the colony a year

Recall that two years ago, a woman’s affair began with a teenager, and she became pregnant. In this case, Valery was even ready to marry his adult passion – if only she was able to escape punishment.

In Saratov, the guy died, falling into an open manhole

At the scene officers went “Saratovvodokanala,” which concluded that no sewer manhole, and the company is not responsible for it.

U.S. Justice Department filed suit against Apple

U.S. Department of Justice and the rule of a few U.S. states have filed a lawsuit against the corporation, “Apple” / Apple / and a number of major publishers, who are suspected of colluding to raise prices on e-books.

The court fined the Johnson & Johnson for $ 1.1 billion

The American company Johnson & Johnson (J & J) on Wednesday, was fined by the federal court in Little Rock, Arkansas, for unfair promotion of antipsychotic Risperdal, reports Bloomberg.

Finland has offered to enter arm-plates for foreigners, and they implant microchips

Assistant to MP from the nationalist party “True Finns” Helena Eronen took the initiative to introduce the country’s special arm-plates for foreigners, including Russians.

Tourist flight around the moon will solve scientific problems

Tourist flight around the moon on a modified “Soyuz”, which the company plans to Space Adventures, will have its own scientific program, maybe it will be boarding a research probe, the head of Russian representative Sergei Kostenko.

Asteroid impact could infect bacteria terrestrial planets around other stars

Falling to Earth of a large asteroid – “dinosaur killer” could lead to contamination by terrestrial microorganisms other planets – even those that are around other stars, has found a group of Japanese scientists led by Tetsuya Hara (Tetsuya Hara) from the University of Kyoto.

The Dead Sea is experiencing man-made drought

Drop in the Dead Sea water and salt is known for its healing properties, has long been a concern of environmentalists. However, geological studies have shown that severe fluctuations in water level the lake has not the first time.

In Patagonia unknown dinosaur eggs found

In Patagonia, the bones and eggs of unknown birdlike dinosaur that lived 70 million years ago, according to ScienceDaily, with reference to publication in the journal Cretaceous Research. Swedish and Argentine scientists have studied two well-preserved eggs and the remains found near the extremities of female dinosaur.

And that was the Week in Saratov.