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In the last few days you cannot go anywhere on the web that is NOT a DemProg blog without the commenter’s screaming for Odumbfuck to be Impeached!

First Off you Dumb Shits study a little (what in my day was) Elementary School Civics!! :roll:

The act of Impeachment by the House is the equivalent of a Grand Jury, that merely produces a set of charges.  The actual Trail occurs in the Senate (with the Chief Justice presiding) and it takes 67 votes to convict!

The Damn Votes to Convict Are Not There!!!!!!! 

Two Presidents have been impeached and neither one was convicted in the Senate.  The one who was about to be impeached and could count to 67 in the Senate resigned before it could occur.

Impeach his ass without the votes in the Senate and you hand the asshole a propaganda victory from Hell!  No it is not because Boehner is a wuss nor is it that McConnell is a limp dick even though both of those are true.  It is because they can Count!

Until you can count 67 in the Senate STFU and STFD!!

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I think it is getting harder to shake the cobwebs with each round of this crap but that ain’t your problem.

What I have had on the burner is a reply to a very good comment by Don on the last Culture post.

As with many things in life there are large parts I agree with and some I don’t. Some of the potential disagreement comes from me using words loosely in the hopes of keeping things short and sweet. When you do this it is very easy to conflate two seemingly very close ides which at their roots are quite dissimilar. Thus I am going to reply almost paragraph by paragraph, not to argue with Don primarily but to get this stream on the proper footing before I proceed with the next installment. Quotes and discussion will intersperse.

Don Says: 

A couple comments; I don’t think anyone in Japan has taken Shinto serious for a thousand years or so. I liken it to what we’ve done with Easter and Christmas a lot of fun and games but not much action. In the United States you probably can’t find 10 Zoroastrainists but 40 million people check their horoscopes every day.

Now the “way of the warrior” is derived from Zen Buddhism and lots of good folk in Okinawa or Korea or Formosa would have a pretty dim view of that…but that doesn’t mean that the acts of the Japanese imperialists were the result of such a belief system, which brings me to my second point; historically a lot of things done in the name of religion would have been done anyway.

My Reply: 

This is where I must plead Mea Culpa! In an effort to make things flow quickly I conflated the Buddhist “Way of the Warrior” with the Shinto / Zen Buddhism “Samurai Way” more commonly known in the West as Bushido! In most minds these are similar but reality is as you noted much different.

Now as to the historical irrelevancy of Shinto, it was the State Religion of the Empire of Japan until it was officially severed from the Government by the Army of Occupation under Douglas (Ego Freak) MacArthur. It’s High Temple the Yasukuni Shrine is maintained until this day as a memorial for the war dead including convicted and executed War Criminals from WWII.

The Kamikaze pilots as late as the Okinawa Campaign would toast each other with “We Meet Again at Yasukuni” as their last affirmation of Bushido and Shinto! I have personally stood in Yasukuni and read the inscriptions of how the US “Forced” the Empire into the war!

Thus I have to disagree with you here as your suppositions do not square with facts. Even there you did get some undertones correct! The backstabbing tactics used by the Military Leadership of the Empire did in fact upon careful examination violate several of the tenets of Bushido! More on this later!

Don Said: 

The Spanish inquisition is a good example, the Spanish crown went far beyond what the church intended. Ferdinand and Isabella had work to do and if that meant calling some enemies heretic so be it. Who really believes that Cortez and Pissarro were only in it for the glory of god?

My Reply: 

Spot fucking on! I will have to say that my attempt at sarcasm about the Inquisition did not read as well as it sounded when I read it to the Blond Lady! The Inquisition was used as an excuse to do what they wanted to do anyway. Hang around for the end of this ride as you will see an exposition on just this shit!

Don Said: 

The same is true when I hear the claim that 100 million people were murdered this last century in the name of Godless Atheism, nope, Socialism killed those millions because that’s what Socialist’s do. When people argue over just how religious Hitler or Stalin really were it is only to distract from the Socialism.

My Reply: 

It is amazing how much we do agree on! My side note is that the Socialists have elevated their damn Governmental Model to almost Religious status.

Don Said: 

After the Battle of Manzikert there were undoubtedly many strategic thinkers (including the Pope) who thought it was now or never time and favored a war against Islam regardless of religious dictates (this is exactly our situation today) The crusades needed to be done with or without the blessing of the church, but without, they would have been a bigger failure than they were.

So back to the present it could be that what we really need is a religious war, and with the state of Christianity we’re not likely to get it.

My Reply: 

You have no idea how close you are to my thinking!

Continuing New Stuff: 

Obviously many people will see the titles of this series and think I am getting ready to knock Islam only. OK primarily Yes but, you must remember that I did open this by describing myself as a “Born Again Agnostic”! I did give a hint of where I am going in our novel “Never So Few” when I had a main character describe wars as being fought between cultures! The Churches need not necessarily be involved.

I wish I could get more commentary along these lines instead of the hate shit that is getting spam trapped.

But on a humorous note! Don do you realize how damaging this exchange is going to be to our carefully crafted veneer of illiterate and uneducated Redneck Pounder and Throwback Jarhead???  :roll:


Planet Ferrokan

It is a small planet, perhaps 98% Earth masses.

It’s situation at the end of a wandering intermittent way-point led it to be overlooked.

Sixth planet of 12, it was still in the “Goldilocks Zone” of it’s star.

For Now.

t’s class M star was well into it’s multi-billion-year life cycle.

It had already bloated and consumed it’s innermost planets; meaning little, for
they orbited well inside the life zone.

Not that Ferrokan was immediately in danger, these things take billions of years.

Being Sixth, it was far enough out that it still had millions of years yet to live.

Or did it?

For the last fifty-thousand years Ferrokan Prime had been a varilable, sometimes
shrinking, again expanding, on ten-thousand or so year cycles. The Inhabitants
knew the inevitable end, millions of years in their future.

Being a wise race, of space-fareing capability; they sought another world.

30,000 years ago they discovered the way-point. 27,500 years ago they found earth.



It was our starship Levitathan. Fist of many, remembered by too few.

A hundred years had passed since it’s disappearance.

The voyage was to be basic.

Destination: Known.

AKA: New Texas.

Departure date 10/27/99

Arrival: No

That’s all the screen would tell.

All searches for ‘Starship Leviathan’ led always led to the same dead end.

Arrival: No

Arrival: No

Arrival: No



You said what?…mmm…You get what you deserve .


Don’t whine to me.


The Dragon Speaks.

Some-times, a voice is heard, that seemingly comes from nowhere, and means nothing….
Or…doesn’t it?….

Chk-too-l’arahth. N’doo-larra-h. C’tee-naah m’dballallah t’cul.
M’ dallah. Ch’kuk-n-ta’lall. Ummm-turahk d’kal.

Go ahead, linguistic assholes..translate that!

Don’t expect me to help. I don’t have a clue what it means, either.

But sometimes…late at night…..


from another world…


Ya Don’t Say?

Man has the last week been a load of crap for me, just now coming out of the fog.  I am not yet up to creative thought but getting there!


Found this and stole it from Moonbattery and think it illustrates the total lack of both character and honesty of the resident in the White House.


Remember those two words I used, He doesn’t!!





OK, as we saw in Installment One that I had willingly bought into this four semester course called Comparative Religions! First let me tell you that about ten minutes into the first class session I was questioning my sanity.

One of the first things passed out was the Complete Reading List for the whole four semesters and I rapidly found that the list in the course guide was a mere extract. If a religion had written documentation it was on the list as well as almost any actual historical text or analysis that the sadistic Professor could find. Holy Fucking Crap was that a load of books!

This being the South the first semester and about a quarter of the second centered on the Judeo-Christian group of religions. Start with the Bible and then throw in much of the Torah and TONS of historical studies. This was not a white wash by any means as almost every stupid mistake the Jews or Christians made was examined and discussed.

Ever wonder why Roman Catholic Priests are celibate because they were not to start with. Just take a look at Congress today and the formation of Political Dynasties and you will start to get a clue. Let’s not even mention the shredding the the Spanish Inquisition got in the histories. Not only that but look into how we came to have the Church of England to read some almost x-rated history.

There were good discussions of how some of the zealots of various types really screwed up entire populations while trying to “Convert the Heathens”. But the key that you did pick up was that the Judeo-Christians tended to learn from their mistakes and do less and less damage as they went.

The rest of that second semester was a study of two religions from the Orient one of which was deader than a door-nail! Hinduism and Shinto the history of both I had learned back in my youth on Okinawa. There were a lot of Hindus on Oki and much discussion of the old religion of Shinto. None of the comments on Shinto were in anyway complimentary. One has only to look at how badly “The Way of the Warrior” got Okinawa really fucked up in WW II to realize why the locals did not take too kindly to it. Their opinion was that the US killing all those assholes was the one good thing that came out of that war.

The study of Hindu lead right into the start of the third semester which transitioned to the offshoots of Hinduism the Buddhists and the Sikhs. Now anybody who tries to tell you about the peacefulness of Hinduism has never looked past the temples and statues. Those turkeys fought more regional wars than most people realize. I will just sum it up by saying that the Ghurkas were and are good little Sikhs. Just do some serious reading of Kipling and you will get a good sense of the truth.

Then we transition into what was to take the rest of the semester and the majority of the fourth. That was where I got my education into the Culture of Islam!


Could Not Resist This

Best damn description of the elections this year I have seen. From a New York paper no less!! :roll:



2014 Elections Summed Up

Now do something with it Damn RINOs!




Culture of Peace My Ass, Installment 1

(Long promised but Hey come live my life)

OK, a long while back I promised to detail how I became a “Born Again Agnostic” and a adamant opponent of the Culture of Islam. It is a long story so I will break it into several parts.

To keep it simple I will start with my background. I was born and raised (mostly) in the South (hint: the state is between Virginia and South Carolina) in a family that attended a Scottish Rite Presbyterian church. Now the key to that particular brand was that they rejected the Pope but still included the Holy Roman Church in their opening dedications so you can imagine that they were pretty straight laced 10 Commandments types.

It is interesting to note that I was taught very early that one of those read “Though Shalt Not Murder” as that was closer to the original Hebrew and Greek gospels. It does change it quite a bit DUH, that to me seemed more fitting for a later incarnation to advise his followers to sell their cloak to obtain a sword!

Now personally to me Dad went to the specific church to keep Mom happy and to play on the various (softball and baseball) church league teams. Filling in at practices when people had to work was where I learned how to hit a curve ball!

During the middle of this due to some goings on with my parents, I got to spend a few years on Okinawa during my primary school years. Not only did that come in real handy when I got stationed there later in life but, I also got exposed to several other religions. We came back and settled right back into the same old groove. All stayed pretty much the same until I headed for college. That is where the CaCa hit the Rotary Oscillator!

Being in this state Land Grant college (hint: Electrical Engineering major and I bleed Wolfpack Red) I was trying to set up a course schedule that would not kill me as I sorta had to make time for practice and games during the Fall semester. That is kinda the agreement when you are on an Athletic Scholarship. My problem was working in the 12 semester hours (during 4 years total) of Humanities. Obviously at that age I wondered what the Hell Humanities had to do with an Engineering degree until my guidance counselor patiently explained that it was a requirement of the entire State system (Old South remember). There was a long explanation about it developing a more well rounded educational experience but to me it was just a pain in the ass.

Well, I went digging for something that I would not fall asleep during and would not eat up too much out of class time. Lo and behold I found one that most people dodged due to the reading load but whose schedule was almost made for me. Four consecutive semesters and each semester you only HAD to attend 5 specific class sessions with only a 4 page paper for each semester. Now the reading load was a damn bear for most people but I had developed a habit of reading fast and had always been way ahead of my age group in primary school. Some day I will tell you a story of how that got me in trouble. So at any rate I had found my courses and the counselor was happy. I had no idea how this series of classes was going to affect me and my world view.

The name of the four semester group was Comparative Religions! In upcoming posts I will outline how that course made the Old Dog the way he is!


Our heart goes out to our Canadian cousins in their latest trial by fire.
Do not despair. Faith is not dead, nor is Courage. We wait. The Time must
be right for us to emerge.
I know. I was DeMolay. I took the vows.

Deus Vult


Always wondered how root-crops propagated.
Is that where Carrot Top came from? It would explain a lot.




Yeah the site is but for myself I am unsure! Going through another round of chemical torture by the Doc and it has taken me most of a week and a half for my system to adjust.

Add into my problems that I have a problem with my wifes business e-mail server basically dying in it’s tracks and I just don’t have much energy left! Oh Well, if things go as normally I will slowly come back around to a semblance of humanity (jokes about my normal state may be inserted here) :) and begin to get some shit done.



Knowing how to write is important.