I was flabbergasted by a post by BC over at the Rott until following his advice to go to the source site!  The title of this was all I could say after reading what I agree is a All Time Hall of Fame Rant.  If only I could write this well so go forth with enough Adult Beverages and Smokes to cover an extended period:


Read The Pig Trap, you will not regret the time!!!



My Life



Shit Creek


Updates maybe later!


This is kinda delayed due to events on Wednesday.  Wed morning I woke up late and went to a Doc. appt. around noon and got home early, first sign of problems was when the better half came home early looking green around the gills.  I was trying to take care of her when it hit me and I ran for the other bathroom.  Fill the sound track until early Thur. morning with the sounds of two adults puking up their toenails.

Thursday was basically spent sleeping and recovery.  Around 10:00 PM I got a call from the Fire Chief asking me to come to the station for a briefing.  Feds did a damn good brief (I did mention this crew had a brain right) and asked about some assets.  The question for me was how long could we leave the wif-fi and repeater rig in place.  Damn equipment belongs to the Fire District ask them.  After that got a laugh and some other things like water resupply got settled we got the good brief.

Reason that the Feds don”t use containment percentages much is that they tend to be misleading.  The prefer to use predicted action percentages, for example this fire has a growth possibility percentage of 2%.  Team Lead says they never go lower than that until the ashes are cold.

The only thing keeping this thing a Type 1 is the weather forecast for Friday night and Saturday.  We have a front coming through and a high chance of some dry lightning in front of the possible rain.  If crap does not happen it becomes a Type 3 Monday morning for the duration of the stir the ashes phase.

I will put up about a funny about the Doc. Appt. at a later date


Well lets get started on the fire update.  The sucker is still burning in the bowl shaped valley it was started in by two (wait for it) illegal aliens.  The danger of it breaking out is great enough in potential damage the the Feds decided to elevate it to a Type 1 fire.  That designation gets a much higher priority for men and material than the lowly Type 3 that it was.

It also gets you a Federal Type 1 Emergency Management Team!  Well it seems the feds have a clue about the taste in the mouth left by the last damn crew from the Monument Fire and sent a crew with a brain.  First thing they did was sit down with the local Fire Chiefs and make a COMMON plan.  The feds want to handle this with their assets as long as they can keep it in the valley and keep the locals as reserve.  The locals scramble if it breaks any ridge line heading East.  OK, no problem says everybody as it is smart.

Now the feds figure containment differently than the locals so by their rules this thing is only 10% contained.  They want wider slurry lines and a physical sweep of the ridges clearing OLD fire break lines.  They are bringing in the necessary Hot Shot teams and the choppers to fast line them on those ridge lines.  Problem is going to be comms up on the high ridges as no antennas (that includes the rig from the other night) cover those ridges and a relay setup is the one thing they are short of in this region.  Local Chiefs just look and grin and say “will wi-fi do?”  Fed gulps and says hell yes!

Local guy calls my Boss about the kids that were supposed to be back Monday night.  Ruh Roh, project glitched and the won’t be back until Friday midday.  So the friendly local Fire Chief calls about 5:30 PM last night and blows the damn bugle in my ear again.

Grab my gear and head to the fire station and meetup with the cable guy who has his ATV in tow.  We look at the ridge lines they want covered and the distances involved.  Almost everybody got a laugh when I groaned as I told them it would take two right up until they saw the look from the Chief.

So up the trails we go with two awkward ass antenna arrays (distance involved) and bust both towers.  By the time we get back down to the station the damn Hot Shots are already up there in the damn dark hogging those breaks.  Hope they can get a lot done before this afternoon when we are predicted to get 30 to 40 mph gusts from the wrong direction.

Further info as I get it and my body quits hurting enough to fucking care!



Got to do something that I am good at and that I thought I was out of shape for for like forever!  Sitting at home yesterday afternoon moaning and groaning when I get a call from the local Fire District.  Seems there is a fire over in the canyons on the other side of the range and it’s in an area where there is NO cell coverage.  Problem is that they need live Weather Support so need the Internet.  Could they do it the old fashioned way, hell yes but with the live data is a hell of a lot safer.

There is a plan in place around here for stuff like this consisting of some buried cables and towers but no active equipment on them.  Trouble is none of them have a line of sight into the canyon in question so the Signal Brigade is going to put a repeater truck out at the mouth of the canyon but, the Fire District is responsible for getting them the feed to repeat.

Anyone care to guess who is the resident expert on this plan?  Didn’t think you did.

So we talk with the guy from the local cable outfit about what we need from them and he offers to drive up to the tower in his two seater hunting ATV.  We bolt the gear on the back tray (I refuse to call it a bed) and get to the tower in the smoothest ride I have ever had to that location.  While he is getting his end ready (signal and power) I get the security gate around the base of the ladder out of the way and up this fucker I go (I did stop twice just to breathe).

I get to the top and pull up my gear pack and antenna.  About 10 minutes lqter I am on my cell talking to the active duty guy and the truck and we a lining up the shot.  Another 10 minutes fumbling with aim and we got 48 MB throughput which is as good as we are going to get at this distance.

Come back down and secure the tower and proceed to the Command Station for the Fire District (which is about three blocks from my place) a cup of coffee and a chair to listen and watch the data.  Data is good and the guys on the Hot Shot team are using the Skype apps on their cell phones to talk.  By 8:30 PM they reported 75 % contained and at 10:00 PM 100 %.  At this point I tell the Chief that the young punks will be back in town Monday night so after the 24 hour after check period they can pull the active stuff down Tuesday morning some time.  Everyone agrees and I start to get up to go home.

At that point my body informs me with great clarity DUMB FUCK YOU ARE TOO OLD FOR THIS SHIT!  I almost fall on my damn face and it takes me about 10 minutes to work the stiffness out to where I can walk to the car.  Get to the house and spend about 30 minutes in my full length back heating pad (plus 600 mg of Ibuprofen) and I am back to quasi-normal.

So I sit around catching up on some DVR’ed shows and I finally think what the hell it’s so damn late I might as well write about this.

At least the young punks at the Fire Station got a laugh about the old man.  I also realized I can still do shit I thought I could not anymore.  I guess I am like a old calvary horse, when I hear the damn bugle I am gonna go!



Well, they are still listing it as contained as of 4:00 PM but problems loom.  Contained means they are just keeping it from spreading and letting it burn out with over half of the perimeter still slurry ( air dropped anticombustant chemicals) lines which are quite good in these weather conditions.  Plus, there is damn little grass up there this is a wood fire.

Now the bad news, the forcast is for strong winds from the WRONG direction.  The check period has been extended for 72 hours and more Hot Shot teams and tankers are enroute.  I might be asked to activate a second tower late tonight.  I hope not more for the safety of this area than the pain that might follow.  I will keep you posted as I fear the crap out of the possibility of anothe Monument Fire type event.




I had promised several people that I would be available on sundry Social media last night, sorry bout that shit boys and girls. When I got home from my final Medical torture late yesterday afternoon instead of flopping in my recliner as planned I crashed.

Basically after the morning meeting with the Doc to get some answers I got “Not definitive, we  need more refined tests!”  Well fuck a bunch a shit sammiches!

So the afternoon went to being further poked and prodded and giving so much fucking blood in standard 10 ml vials that I had to be reported to the local blood banks as ineligible to be a Donor for the next 30 days!  Question, with my Military and Medical background no one would let me be a donor anyway so why the report.

So next week I get to go acquire more radiation and EMF dosages from newer and more sophisticated shit.  The Blond Lady wants to know 1.  When do I start glowing in the dark and 2. Does she need to buy a Rad meter.  So MAYBE a week from Monday I might have some definitive answer to how screwed or not screwed I am.


Ah yes, the miracles of modern fucking Industrial Medicine!


Muslim In Chief #3

This was not the one I have been pecking away at for this number but, I saw this over at Bare Naked Islam and just had to say a few words.

Now if his actions in Syria do not prove one of our Oldies But Goodies then I don’t know what does!

Only Promise

Starting to see what that means?


I will keep it short and simple there are going to be some changes in the wind in the Fort Old Dog server farm.   Go forth over to Never So Few and see what I mean.

But to keep everyone assured that I ain’t gonna change here is a spelling lesson!

Liberal Billboard

The more things change the more they stay the same!


Yup, that’s the way it works…


Yeah, I am Still Around

I have been fairly quiet lately that is true. I have been (and will be) dealing with some Medical issues that eat my time and wear my ass out!

Adding to the idiocy is the Staff at several medical facilities here in sunny southern AZ. I shall be (shockingly) nice about how these facilities are due to the fact that the actual Doctors are really rather good. The Nurses are at least above average but, the dipshits who man the front desks and the phones are at the best DUMB AS FUCKING ROCKS!

They are at times more entertaining than a circus clown show or as the Dog says:


I Had To Pay Admission



And to add insult to injury when I do get home where are my faithful hounds? You might guess:


Daytime Dogs Resized


As you can see I get no fucking respect!


(Just for the record thats Prince on the left and Duchess on the right.)



Some might not understand the intent of the post below.

Well, let me help you. You must let go of this mortal shield,

and find another world.  Beyond your ken.

Because, well because…because..Dragons, that’s why.



You can do lostsa crasy shit in life, but jtst don’t…..just DON”T wake the Dragon.

That is all.



The Secret Closet

It’s been found! The secret closet where all those things that don’t exist are stored.

Anyone with mil priors will get this one right away. Clueless civvies, not so much.

Go cry in your pillow.


This came up on the innertubes, and I just had to share it.

Wish I could have one of those. *snif*…*wimper*.

Now, boys and girls, let’s see who can ID that ship-borne bit of fun-gun!


If you watch ‘Game of Thrones’, you are familiar with the woman who is the

‘Mother of Dragons”. Well, the crazies at MadMouse Designs have come up with

a piece of fan-art that’s well…..innnnnterestingk. The art purists will now

have kittens. Those with a sense of humor will smile.

So, it is with toungue firmly in cheek that I give you the……

Mona Khaleesa!